Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Miss New Jersey Makeover

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This video podcast demonstrates the makeup application techniques used to transform Miss New Jersey US 07 Teresa Sterlacci into the Beauty Queen that she is!
Stay tuned for following podcasts that will break down each technique individually, and Teresa's personal interview about her makeover... in the meantime, check out our site B.Youneek Total Image Development
Teresa came to B.Youneek after having learned that Graziella (co-founder of B.Youneek) was a previous Miss New Jersey who placed as First Runner- Up to Miss United States, and wanted some coaching to prepare for the national competition.    Teresa has lost 25 pounds with the personalized diet and exercise program created just for her by B.Youneek.  Both Graziella & Liana worked closely with Teresa to find a new look that she felt comfortable and happy with in makeup, hair, and fashion.  Teresa has learned how to create her new made-over look on her own with detailed information.  B.Youneek also coached Teresa on stage presence, etiquette, and public speaking to polish her personal presentation and overall presence.  Teresa was elated with her makeover, and says that in some ways, "B.Youneek has changed my life for the better."

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