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Celebrating Beauty at 80

Original Posted by The Baratta Sisters at 5/20/2008 1:23 PM

Beauty is timeless. At any age, there is inner and outer beauty, and I look to one of the women who has exemplified this for me all my life...my grandmother. I wanted to find out some of the beauty secrets she has for keeping her skin so youthful, and how she has so much energy at 80- God Bless! I am also curious as to her answers on deeper questions on beauty... so let's see what my wise, 80-years young grandmother has to say!

Q: What do you do to keep your skin & physique so youthful looking at 80?
A: From a very young age, I have kept my skin routine very simple. I made sure that I washed my face of any impurities every night before bed, and applied a cream. Some of the product brands that I have used over the years are Nivea, Ponds, Eterna 27, Lancome, and Dr. Rico Perez. And, I always ate home- cooked, whole foods. I never ate any processed foods, and had large quantities of fruits and vegetables which were abundant on my family farm in Italy. I snacked on homemade bread with tomatoes and fresh olive oil, and all types of nuts. For protein I ate chicken, fish, and legumes mostly. I have always taken a multi- vitamin, and vitamins c and e on a regular basis.
I have kept active by walking, gardening, and dancing anytime I had the chance! Dancing & music has always brought me happiness, and anytime, anywhere there was music I danced!

I ask if this is also why she thinks she has an abundance of energy? She says definitely!

Q: How would you define beauty?
A: Beauty is not only on the outside, but on the inside. Beauty is having confidence, exuding love, and being generous. I am so proud of my family, and the happiness I have within because of their presence in my life, comes out as beauty.

Q: What is one physical characteristic that you like about yourself?
A: At my age, I am happy that I have been able to keep my body in good shape. I feel like I am young, and not really my age.

Q: What is one piece of advice you could give to others to stay beautiful for a lifetime?
A: I would say it is to love others. Being happy with yourself, avoiding envy, and loving yourself and others will keep you beautiful for a lifetime.

As I re-read my grandmother's answers, I can't help but think that there is also another key ingredient to staying beautiful that is evident in all her answers...and that is your state of mind: I can attest to this, that my grandmother never limits herself because of age. She is always ready to embrace life, new developments, and thinks with her heart. She looks upon her life in the past, and the life she has ahead of her with wise eyes and an open heart. May God Bless my Grandmother with many, many more years of a good life and all of you reading this!
Go fourth and Be the Beautiful You that You Are!

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