Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A La Coco Chanel

The classic "Chanel look" never goes out of style...I think this is because its timeless pieces are so well- crafted with an elegant simplicity that can never be replaced by the "trend of the hour."  You can still see the classic themes in the Fall 2008 Chanel fashion show.  Lots of black, romantic, well- tailored garments, layering and a never- ending classiness.

Purchasing a Chanel- anything is certainly an investment that not all are able to indulge in; which brings me to my next thought...Inspired by the Lifetime movie Coco Chanel I saw this weekend, I decided to research some affordable alternatives to the famous Chanel look. 
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Take a look at the Chanel website, check out their styles and compare to some more affordable brands like I did.  You're bound to find some similar items that won't break the bank account!  You shouldn't have to be a millionaire to look fabulously classy and chic.   The smart girls know how to shop, and keep some money in their wallet for brunch too!

Happy Shopping!

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