Wednesday, July 14, 2010

To Tan or Not to Tan

To tan or not to tan!  That IS the question!

Hey ladies, I just wanted to bring up a question that’s been in my mind these past few weeks with this beautiful weather that we’ve been having here on the east coast!  Do I tan in the sun?  Do I fake and bake at a tanning salon?  Do I use smelly self tanner?  What do I do?

If you want that sun kissed glow this summer but are not sure what to do, here’s what I suggest!

With all the sun bathing articles, and skin cancer articles that I have read, I have come up with a solution that will make everyone happy, and keep your skin safe and beautiful!
1.     Sit in the sun for no more than 15 minutes a day!

A little sun IS good for your skin because it provides the best source of vitamin D for your body, which help boost your immune system, and help you fight off free radicals.  However, too much sun can cause, sun damage, ugly sun spots on the skin, make you age quicker, and God forbid, cause skin cancer!  So, what I suggest is balance!

15 minutes of sun everyday IS good for your skin, but after that I would lather on a sun block of SPF 30 to give your skin a good amount of protection!  I also recommend applying a lotion of aloe vera and vitamin C, which will soothe your skin, and again, fight free radicals which damage skin!

2. Apply Aloe vera, vitamin c lotion and Spf 30 everyday after tanning for 15 minutes if you plan to be outdoors at all (that includes walking to the grocery store!).

*If you want an extra glow, I suggest adding a routine of Organic self-tanner!  Look for one that is free of parabens and has sun block protection that way you get two for one, kill two birds with one stone! But we like birds here at B.Youneek, so we don’t suggest killing anything.  We’re just saying.

Anyway, once you get in your 15 minutes of sun, and your organic self tanner, you’ll be glowing!  You can also add a good mineral bronzer to help you along the way until you achieve the look you want!

3.     A mineral bronzer is a great add- on to apply color exactly where you need it, until you achieve the color you want!

4.  Drink plenty of water, the more hydrated your skin is, the easier for it to heal itself, and the better it looks!

That’s it! Four easy steps!  Remember, it’s not worth spending hours in the sun, because in the long run, you may look like a leather handbag, and you don’t want that! Put in the extra work, protect your skin, love it, feed it, and feel beautiful!  Until next time kiddies!

Your fashion expert,

Liana of B.Youneek

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